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Bonus Scene from Laying Pipe by Kiki Clark

(Best if read after Laying Pipe)
John and Lukas celebrate their engagement...

It seemed like it was hours before John was finally alone with Lukas in their home. He closed the door behind a very tipsy Lydia and amused Dave and leaned against it after throwing the deadbolt. He smiled at his fiancé.



"What?" Lukas stepped forward, wiggling his arms behind John and holding him tightly.


"I just thought of you as my fiancé, and it was a little trippy." John laughed at the glare Lukas gave him. "In the best way, baby. I'm so happy right now I can barely contain myself."

Face softening, Lukas stretched up and pressed his lips to John's. "Me too. I can't believe you actually proposed in front of everyone. Even got down on one knee and everything."


John cupped Lukas's face. "I knew you were still a little worried we'd end up breaking up after living together for a while, so I wanted to make sure you knew that I wasn't planning on moving backward with you. I want to tie myself to you in every possible way. I love you, baby."


"I love you too, but I'm not worried anymore. I promise." Lukas kissed him again, then stepped back and held out his hand. "Can we go to bed?"


Grinning, he turned on the alarm and hit the lights, stalking after Lukas as he turned and ran, giggling. Ruby barked from the top of the stairs, having put herself to bed over an hour ago but obviously not pleased with how much noise her daddy was making.


Giving her a pat on the head but not pausing, Lukas hurried into their bedroom with a sultry look over his shoulder, John following not far behind.


Entering the room, he absently noted LeeLoo on her cat tower by the window and waited for Ruby to follow him in before closing the door, knowing Vivian was safely tucked away in the guest room. Once his eyes found Lukas stripping next to the bed, he couldn't look away.


In less than a minute, Lukas was wonderfully naked, all his pale skin on display. John ran his eyes over his chest and shoulders, then down his lightly defined abdominal muscles and grinned at the erection between his thighs. 


"Eager?" he asked, pulling his shirt off and moving closer.


"I think we need to consummate this engagement before it's valid." Lukas eyed John's body the same way he'd looked at Lukas's, and he slowed his movements as he unbuttoned his jeans and drew the zipper down.


"Hmm, I think that's only the marriage itself."


Lukas licked his lips, bright blue eyes glued to John's groin. "I don't want to risk it. Better make it official just in case."


Chuckling, he pushed his pants and underwear down in one go, revealing his cock to Lukas's eager gaze. He shivered at the soft moan Lukas released at the sight. He'd never get tired of how much Lukas wanted him.


"Lay on the bed," Lukas said huskily, reaching forward to lightly run his fingertips over John's dick. "I want to ride you."


Swallowing, he nodded and climbed on the bed. "I can totally get behind that idea."


He situated the pillows so he wasn't flat on his back and would be able to see better, then relaxed onto the bed, tucking one hand behind his head and using the other to stroke himself a few times.


Lukas grabbed the lube and clambered up after him, immediately straddling John's waist. He draped himself over John's body and claimed his mouth in a kiss that had John grabbing the back of his head and gripping his hair. He groaned when Lukas pulled back but didn't have long to be disappointed before Lukas was licking and biting at his nipples and driving him crazy.


Grunting when he bit down a little harder than usual, John threaded his fingers in Lukas's hair once more and used his grip to pull his head away from his chest. "Stop teasing me, baby. I need in your ass right now."


Sticking his lower lip out in a pretty pout, Lukas kissed John wetly once more, then started moving. He arranged himself so he was facing away from John but still had a knee on either side of his hips. John moaned loudly when Lukas leaned forward and rested one forearm on the bed in front of him, between John's knees, then reached back with his other and wiggled his fingers.


"Can you put some lube on them for me, please?"


"Jesus Christ," John muttered, scrambling to find the bottle of lube, then wetting Lukas's fingers and squirting a little directly on his hole too just to be safe.


"Mm, hold me open," Lukas said, voice rough as he peered over his shoulder and winked at John.


Hands trembling just the slightest bit, he ran the back of his fingers over Lukas's plump globes a couple of times, grinning at the goose bumps that appeared, then grabbed a cheek in each hand and spread them apart, revealing his dark hole.


"So fucking pretty, baby," he murmured, then sucked in a breath when Lukas wasted no time spearing two fingers inside himself and throwing his head back on a moan. "Jesus, don't hurt yourself. We have all night."


"We have the rest of our lives actually, but I can't wait much longer. God, I wanted to fucking mount you at the dining room table after you asked me to marry you, and I had to wait hours for people to leave."


John watched, mouth watering, as Lukas spread his fingers wide enough that John could see past that tight ring into his hole a little. Grunting, he flexed his hips and rubbed his dripping cock against Lukas's thigh.


Lukas laughed breathlessly and added a third finger. "Sounds like I'm not the only one who can't wait."


"After the show you're giving me? Fuck, baby, we'll be lucky if I last thirty seconds."


"And here I thought older men were supposed to have better stamina. Why did I agree to marry you again?" Lukas threw a cheeky grin over his shoulder even as he continued moving his fingers inside himself.


John released one of his cheeks and gave it a smack. "Because you love me, you brat."


"Oh, that's right," Lukas moaned out, then pulled his fingers out of his hole, and John stared as the muscle slowly closed. "You wanna keep watching?"


John nodded and repositioned his hands to help Lukas get into position, then grabbed his cock and smeared some lube on it. Holding it upright, he rubbed his head against Lukas's hole. "Ready?"


"Fuck, yes." Lukas sat farther upright and started to sink down on John's dick, both of them moaning at the sensation. 


John couldn't take his eyes off the sight of his cock slowly disappearing inside Lukas's tight body. "I'll never get tired of watching this," he muttered, spreading Lukas's cheeks as wide as they'd go and tugging him the rest of the way down, grinning at Lukas's loud grunt. "Too fast?"


Lukas shook his head wildly and started moving his hips in little circles, then lifted up a few inches and dropped back down, his head tipped back so he was looking up at the ceiling. "We should put a mirror up here. That way I could watch you watching my ass every time we do it like this."


Which was often, since it was John's favorite and Lukas enjoyed it so much too. "You want to explain to your parents when they inevitably see it why it's there?"


"Oh, fuck, don't talk about my parents right now." Lukas leaned forward, bracing his hands on John's legs and started moving faster.


Grinning, John let go of his cheeks and watched them slap together with Lukas's movements. "That's it, baby. So sexy."


Lukas didn't respond verbally, but his channel squeezed a little tighter, causing John to groan and grip the sheets beneath him. Loving Lukas was the best thing to ever happen to him, but sex with him might be the death of him.


As Lukas started really riding him, the movement of his ass mesmerizing John, he had to grit his teeth to hold back from coming too soon. The sight and sounds were driving him nuts though—the clap of his cheeks combined with the tiny grunts Lukas let out each time he impaled himself on John?


"Fuck, turn around," John said through his clenched teeth, gripping Lukas's hips to slow his movements.


"What?" Lukas looked over his shoulder, his beautiful pale skin flushed and covered in a sheen of sweat. "What's wrong?"


"Nothing. I just want to see your face when you come on my cock for the first time as my fiancé." He grinned at the curses Lukas muttered as he hurried to pull off John's dick and flip around.


"Such a sap," he muttered, wasting no time lining up and sinking back down.


John settled his hands on Lukas's hips but didn't try and control his movements, just followed his lead and enjoyed feeling the smooth skin under his hands. As much as he loved when Lukas rode him reverse, he adored watching Lukas's face as he fell apart riding him, taking his pleasure as fast and as hard as he wanted it. Using John's body to make himself feel good.


Utter perfection.


Lukas bit down on his bottom lip and whimpered as he added a twist to his hips on every down stroke and fell forward, his hands landing on John's pecs. His long cock was an angry dark red and weeping precum in a continuous stream. Watching Lukas's face, he slid one hand down and found his tight balls. He gave them a light squeeze, grunting when Lukas slammed his hips down in response.


"Fuck! You want this to be over?" Lukas said, panting and squeezing his eyes shut.


"I want to watch you come. Then I want to come inside you for the first time for the rest of our lives." John gave Lukas's sac another squeeze and grinned at his whimper. "Is that so wrong?"


Instead of answering, one of Lukas's hands flew to his dick and started stroking as fast as his hips were moving. Within a minute, Lukas was grunting and pointing his cock at John's stomach as he came, his ass squeezing John so tight he couldn't help but come too. He yelled out his release as he held onto Lukas's hips so tightly he knew he was bruising him from past experience. And he also knew Lukas would love seeing the fingertip-sized bruises on his body in the morning.


Just as he was catching his breath, Lukas lifted up a little and John’s cock slipped free of his body, completely spent. He watched through heavy-lidded eyes as Lukas scooted down and settled between John's legs, his head and shoulders resting on John's midsection. Lukas ran a finger through his cum and then popped it in his mouth.


"Babe…" If he wasn't careful, Lukas would get himself worked up again, and John was down for the count. There wouldn't be a round two after spending all day hauling boxes.


Lukas rubbed his spunk into John's skin and hummed. "Yeah?"


"Whatcha doing?"


"Just playing," he said softly.


He was kneading John's stomach in a way that made his belly flutter. He'd gotten used to his body not being as perfect as Lukas's, but sometimes he still got a little self-conscious of how soft he'd gotten around the middle in the last ten years.


"I love your belly. I know you don't but that's okay. Hopefully I can convince you how nice it is to have a soft place to lay someday." Lukas shifted so his chin was resting on John, and he was looking up at him, his smile sweet and loving. "Now that we're engaged, can I come on it more or will that make you uncomfortable?"


He sucked in a breath, caught in Lukas's blue eyes. "That's something you want?"


Nodding, Lukas shifted forward until he was lying fully on top of John and could reach his mouth, giving him a slow kiss with just a hint of tongue. "Definitely. But only if you're okay with it. Nothing we do together should make you feel bad about yourself, so don't say it's okay just for me."


John ran a hand over Lukas's head, pushing his hair off his forehead then squeezing the back of his neck. "You're pretty amazing, you know that?"


Lukas laughed and tucked his face into John's neck. "Shut up."


"Seriously, baby. I'm so fucking lucky." He held onto Lukas, one hand on his neck, the other having found its way to his ass, and he grinned. Lukas literally let him touch and play with his ass whenever he wanted, even when they were just sitting and watching television. The least he could do was be open to anything Lukas wanted to try. "You can come on any of my body parts you want. Hell, if you ever just want to rub one out on my belly when we're cuddling together in bed or on the couch, I'd be okay with that."


Shuddering, Lukas lifted his head, his pupils dilated once more. "Really? That'd be… You're so soft and hairy. It'd feel amazing."


Chuckling softly, John tugged Lukas down for a kiss, grinning against his mouth when he felt Lukas beginning to harden against. "The benefits of youth, huh?"


Lukas bit his lip and glanced away for a second, then scooted forward a little more so his cock was pressed firmly into the skin of John's stomach. "Okay?" he asked softly.


John nodded and used his grip on Lukas's ass to get him moving. "More than okay."


He relaxed into the bed as Lukas rubbed against him, moaning every once in a while from where he'd tucked his head back down into the crook of John's neck. His balls tingled at the sexy sounds, but his cock wasn't interested in getting in on the action, so he just petted Lukas softly and whispered words of encouragement to him.


For the most part, Lukas's movements stayed pretty slow and languid, but toward the end, he sped up a little and whimpered beautifully. "John, I'm gonna come," he finally choked out, his words muffled in John's skin.


He tightened his hand on his ass cheek but didn't bother opening his eyes, feeling soft and pliant and halfway to sleep. "Do it. Cover my belly with cum."


He heard Lukas gasp, then felt him stiffen as wetness coated his skin between them, and he smiled to himself. That hadn't been bad at all. In fact, the knowledge that Lukas found John so arousing felt damn good.


Gently stroking Lukas's back, he said, "Yup, definitely feel free to do that anytime."


Lukas snorted a laugh, then snuggled in a little closer, his breathing getting slower and deeper within a few moments. John kept stroking him as he began drifting off too, resigned to the fact they'd have to shower first thing in the morning.


The thought had him falling asleep with a smile on his face.

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