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Blue Collar Hearts

Blue Collar Heart Series

Out in the Cold

Out in the Cold

Being rescued by a hot lumberjack after catching his fiancé cheating was the only good thing to happen to Beau for quite some time.

Getting stuck in the man’s cabin for the weekend? There were definitely worse ways to pass a few days.

Falling for him when the guy made it clear he didn’t do relationships? Well, Beau just wouldn’t do that… probably.

Out in the Cold is a 25k word novella with a 39-year-old furniture maker who is done with disappointing relationships, a 25-year-old accountant with terrible taste in fiancés but great taste in sexy underwear, a remote cabin in the woods during a snowstorm, and a rescue dog with more sense than his owner.

NOTE: This title was previously available for free as part of a giveaway. The content has not been changed.

Out in the Cold

Laying Pipe

Laying Pipe


John has a good life. A mostly happy one even. It’s simple and a little lonely at times now that he’s divorced, but that’s okay. Not everyone is destined for a great love or happily ever after.

But he does have a thriving business and a best friend who’s like family. What more does he need?

Definitely not his best friend’s son. Even if John did look at men that way, there was no way he’d risk his friendship because he’d suddenly noticed things about Lukas he never had before.

Like how sweet he was. Or how good-looking.

Or how much he wants to kiss him…


Having a crush on his dad’s best friend for years hasn’t done wonders for Lukas’s love life. No one ever quite measured up to the kindhearted man who always seems to be there when Lukas needs him.

He knows nothing can ever come of it since John’s straight. Like, used to be married to a woman, only ever dated women, super blue collar kind of straight.

Not to mention his dad would lose his mind...

But it's totally fine. Lukas is sure he’ll get over his feelings eventually.

Even if John is suddenly looking at him differently.

Almost like… Almost like he wants to kiss Lukas?

That can’t be right.

Laying Pipe is the first in bestselling author Kiki Clark’s Blue Collar Hearts series. It features a 42-year-old plumber who’s good with his hands… and pipes, a 26-year-old vet tech with the softest of hearts, a late-blooming bisexual, super low angst, and butt-touching as a love language.

Laying Pipe



If there was one thing Kevin knew, it was that his BFF’s ex was bad news.

Hank is arrogant, a sloppy drunk, and a complete flirt. And he didn't treat Kevin’s friend the way he deserved.

Enough said.

It doesn’t matter that everyone else has forgiven and forgotten what happened between Hank and Kevin’s bestie. He won’t let himself fall for the older man’s sweet words or endearments.

Especially not after… that night.

Getting ghosted by a guy Kevin wasn’t even really interested in—okay, he maybe sort of could have been, but definitely not now—was the final nail in the coffin. Just because Hank wormed his way into Kevin’s life and friend group, doesn’t mean Kevin has to give him the time of day.

Too bad, Hank isn’t getting that message.

Banger is book two in bestselling author Kiki Clark’s Blue Collar Hearts series. It features an age gap, enemies (though not really, except yes because you annoy me so much but why am I so attracted to you?!)-to-lovers, clothes stealing, bookstore dates, apology bjs, and so much more.


Coming Soon

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