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Trident Agency Series

written with EM Lindsey



There’s a fine line between hate and fated mates…

Jeremiah has better things to do than babysit the bratty crown prince of the Sirens. His personal protection agency is the best though and the king and queen won’t settle for less.

Being a practically invulnerable Hellhound doesn’t hurt either.

Remi’s selfish and uncaring attitude drives him crazy and confirms his suspicions about the prince being nothing more than a spoiled man-child. He doesn’t care that the more time they spend together, the more possessive his Hellhound becomes of the little princeling.

Or that it turns out first impressions might be misleading…

Falling for a client is the last thing he can let happen. His name and his company’s reputation are on the line. He won’t be led around by his… instincts.

When things begin to heat up between them though, he can’t deny their connection might just be destiny. One thing he knows for sure?

Fire and water will always make steam.

Sunshine is the first in the new Trident Agency series by co-writing duo, EM Lindsey and Kiki Clark. It features a grumpy Hellhound affectionately known as Sunshine to his teammates, a half-Siren prince who’s more interested in sassying than following orders, a size difference a certain bodyguard loves to take advantage of, and truckloads of *chef’s kiss* possessiveness and touch him and get unalived vibes.




Blurb Coming Soon!

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