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Forever Family Trilogy


EBook Favor

Never fall for straight guys--especially when they're friends with your brother.

Jeremy knows that. Honest! All he wanted was a little work done on his house.

That was it. Nothing too complicated.

And if he can get it done cheap because some guy owes his brother a favor? Even better!

The last thing he expected when Declan knocked on his door was to find the hottest man he'd ever seen. Or for that person to barely be able to speak to him or look him in the eye.

Why would his brother even be friends with a 'phobic dudebro?

By the time the renovations are finishing up, Jeremy's prepared to let Declan's favor to his brother be paid in full and forget about the guy's shy smile and ripped body.

But his interfering brother has other plans.

Favor is a 30k word novella featuring a busybody older brother, piercings in fun places, a very suggestive sculpture, spackle used as a flirting technique, a not-so-straight contractor, and an audiobook narrator who's had a bit of dry spell and is sure he's imagining the way the hot contractor is looking at him.

Note: A version of this title was previously available for free to newsletter subscribers (Declan's Favor). Approximately 20k words have been added.



Who knew a chipped tooth could lead to love?

Simon is ready for the real deal when it comes to relationships—unfortunately, his libido hasn’t gotten the message. After a string of disastrous hookups, he finds himself frustrated, annoyed, and missing part of a tooth.

Enter Dr. Jackson Allbrook.

Simon is pretty sure dentists aren’t supposed to be as good-looking as Jackson is. Though the recline of the exam chair is pretty convenient…

Things heat up quickly between the two of them, but Simon’s hesitant to believe he’s actually found his Mr. Right. Jackson’s never been with a man before, so what happens if he decides to go back to playing for the other team?

A standalone novella in the Forever Family Trilogy featuring a hotter-than-sin dentist experiencing a bi-awakening, a graphic designer who considers the term “easy” to be a compliment, a game night that gets a bit out of hand, and no piercings in fun places thankyouverymuch.



Falling for your straight best friend while he pretends to be your boyfriend is something not even Samuel would be foolish enough to do.


And yet...

All Samuel wanted was to not show up to his ex's wedding alone, but his friend Will has a better idea: go as fake boyfriends to make him jealous.

What could possibly go wrong?

Well, for starters, Samuel’s ex knows Will isn’t gay. Of course, Will has a solution for that too.

They’ll just have to convince him. By whatever means necessary.

As the big day approaches—and he and Will keep practicing how to pull off their charade—Samuel’s not sure he’ll make it through the wedding festivities without losing some of his dignity.

And maybe his best friend.

Faker is the final installment in the Forever Family Trilogy but can be enjoyed on its own. It features a 30-something former marine who maybe likes pretending more than he should, a 20-something social worker trying his hardest not to forget none of it’s real, practice dates with more PDA than sense, and the use of praise in very creative ways.

Collected Works

This trilogy features a group of friends who are brought together by circumstances but remain family by choice. You'll find May/December pairings, brother's best friend, bi awakenings, fake dating, and plenty of that Kiki Clark steam.

Contains all three novellas (no new content).
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