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Bonus Scene for The Enforcer and His Heart by Kiki Clark

(Best if read after TEAHH)
Keegan decides to play out a little fantasy...

There were several things about himself Keegan hadn't known until he mated with Nico, but the biggest surprise was probably his newly discovered exhibitionism streak.

After their first full moon run and the sex just out of sight of their packmates, Keegan had become obsessed with coming up with other ways to express that aspect of their relationship. Nico loved it just as much as him and had chased him through the woods a few times since—as his wolf and as a man. It was exhilarating every single time, but then he’d remembered something Nico had said to him the day he’d claimed him. When they’d been in his office… Keegan laid out on his desk…

He’d said they needed to leave before they put on a show for the whole manor.

He shivered as he stepped up to the front door. It wouldn’t be for the whole manor—he’d since learned that the second and third floors were pretty well soundproofed so no one on those levels would likely hear anything, and even the first floor was to a certain extent. But the people in the immediate vicinity of Nico’s office?

Totally getting a fucking show.

Oh, and he’d specifically made sure that Colt would be working at the manor and not at his office in town.

Because Keegan was a giver like that.


Running his teeth over his bottom lip, he pushed open the door and stepped inside. He ignored the beta on door duty—it was one he didn’t know and she was busy talking to someone else. She smiled at him without pausing what she was saying, so he didn’t feel bad. As he headed down the hallway where all of the Enforcers’ offices were, he tried to control his heartbeat and rising arousal.

Nico's office was about halfway down—perfectly situated as far as he was concerned.

The door was ajar, but he knocked and waited until Nico called out, “You can come on in.”

Nico was busy typing something on his computer, so Keegan closed the door behind him and then leaned against it and waited. When he finally finished, Nico hit a few more keys on his keyboard and then looked up with a wide smile, eyebrows rising as he took in the jeans Keegan was wearing.

They were the ones he'd worn on their first date. The ones Nico had confessed to particularly liking.

“Were you wearing those when I left this morning?”

Keegan shook his head. “No, I put these on just to come here.”

Nico cocked his head and leaned back in his chair, studying Keegan as he scented the air. “Mate, what are you planning?”

Grinning, Keegan pushed off the door and strode across the room. When he reached Nico's desk, he planted his hands on the surface and leaned over. In a soft voice, he said, “I’m planning on blowing your mind. If you're okay with that.”

He was pretty sure Nico would be, but it didn't feel right to just jump his bones in his place of work without his okay. With the way Nico's eyes started glowing immediately, he was pretty sure he had his answer even before Nico said, “Blowing my mind? Or blowing my cock?”

Keegan laughed and pushed upright. “Hopefully, both.”

Nico’s eyes dropped to Keegan’s groin, and he didn’t need to look himself to know his growing erection would be plainly visible thanks to his tight-as-sin pants. “You don’t need the pants to seduce me.”

“I like to hedge my bets,” Keegan said, strolling around the desk. He grinned when Nico eagerly rolled his chair back and swiveled to face him. “Make sure you’re a sure thing.”

Growling, Nico started to lunge forward, fangs flashing, but Keegan was ready for him. Using his magic, he pushed his mate back into his chair, the purple tendrils flying out of his hands with barely more than a thought. Then he murmured a quick spell and grinned as his magic wrapped around Nico’s wrists, tying him to the armrests.

Eyes locked, Nico visibly strained, his deliciously large muscles bulging as he tested the bindings before relaxing against the plush back of the chair with a grin.

“This is a new game,” Nico observed, spreading his thighs. His thick cock was visible behind the zipper of his jeans, and Keegan’s mouth watered at the sight.

He stepped forward, forcing Nico’s legs farther apart to accommodate him, then set his hands on his shoulders and walked his fingers down his arms, giving his biceps a quick squeeze. “I have you right where I want you.”

Slipping his fingers underneath the hem of Nico’s T-shirt, he rubbed his firm abs, smirking when Nico sucked in a breath. He pushed his palms up Nico’s torso, taking his shirt with him and revealing his thick muscles. His skin was so warm, Keegan had the urge to curl up against him and snuggle. But not right now.

Maybe later though.

Orgasms first.


He hummed, dragging his hands back down to the waistband of Nico’s pants, and dropped to his knees. When Nico let out a ragged breath and shifted in his seat, Keegan threw him a grin as he unzipped his jeans.


He held Nico's eyes as he tugged down his pants and underwear, Nico pushing his hips up to help him. The air around them thrummed with anticipation and excitement, the steady pulse of it visible in the purple bands holding Nico's arms in place. As soon as it was free, Nico's cock sprang upward, thumping against his exposed belly and leaving a smear of precome.


Keegan leaned in and gave a quick suck to the sensitive base just above Nico's testicles—right where his knot would grow. Nico groaned and the arms of his chair creaked.


“Careful, unless you'd like to explain to everybody how you broke your office chair.”


“I think they'll know anyway,” Nico growled.


“That's true. They'll probably all listen as I suck you,” Keegan murmured, brushing his lips against the underside of Nico’s shaft. “Do you want to try and knot my mouth? I know you've thought about it, baby. Locking your cock inside the wet heat of my mouth and throat.”


The snarl Nico released reverberated down Keegan’s spine, settling in his own dick. They both knew he'd probably suffocate if Nico actually knotted his mouth, but just talking about it riled up his mate.


Smirking, Keegan ran his tongue up to the flared head of his cock and sucked the glans into his mouth. He swirled his tongue around the ridged edge until a pulse of precome hit his tastebuds, making him moan. He wasn't sure if it was a fated mates thing or a Nico thing, but nothing tasted as good to him as Nico's come.


He moaned and kept sucking on his head as he wrapped his hand around the shaft and stroked nice and slow but with a firm grip, just how his mate liked. He used the tip of his tongue to tease at the sensitive spot on the underside of his head and squeezed the sensitive base, feeling the flesh beginning to swell just a little as Nico's desire grew.


And his wolf's need to knot and claim Keegan grew as well.


Pulling off with a wet sound that made Nico groan, Keegan dipped down and sucked one of his testicles into his mouth, speeding up the strokes of his hand.


“Goddess, you're good at that. You drive me fucking crazy.” Nico’s hips flexed as the muscles in his biceps and forearms bunched, the plastic arms on his chair creaking and threatening to break once more.


“Well, I've had a lot of practice, haven’t I?” Keegan said, pushing upright and tugging Nico's cock toward him until it pointed right at his face.


Nico groaned, eyes glowing brighter and chest heaving. “You love it. Love my fucking cock. Love my knot. Love being owned by me. Love when I sink my teeth in you and leave behind my mark.”


It was Keegan's turn to suck in a shivery breath, his body going tight. Nico was right about all of it. And he knew it, his nose flaring as he scented Keegan's arousal.


“I do,” Keegan admitted, “almost as much as you do.”


He pushed to his feet but leaned forward to keep them close together, bracing his forearms on the back of Nico's chair, their faces inches apart.


“As much as I love your cock in my mouth, I need you inside me. Now. Need your knot.”


Nico growled and stretched forward, going for Keegan's mouth, but he jerked back with a laugh, preventing their lips from touching.


“Didn’t we decide I was in charge here?”


Nico rolled his eyes and groaned as he slumped back into his chair. “Mate, if you don't hurry up…”


He didn't have to finish his warning. Keegan knew what would happen: Nico would break the arms off his chair, tackle Keegan to the ground, and mount him on the floor.


He shivered and made a mental note to do that next time.


Quickly—because he was driving himself nearly as crazy as he was driving Nico—Keegan stripped off his shirt and then shimmied out of his tight pants. Nico watched him, glowing eyes full of need and heat as he ran his tongue over his bottom lip.


Shaking his head like he was trying to clear it, Nico glanced around the office. “Wait,” he said, voice hoarse. “I don't have anything here to get you ready for me.”


Keegan smirked and turned around, then backed up and carefully climbed onto the chair so he was straddling Nico's thighs backward. Slowly, so that he wouldn't lose his balance, he reached behind him to hold Nico's cock upright with one hand and pulled one of his cheeks aside with the other.


When he felt the head of Nico's cock touch his hole, he glanced over his shoulder and winked. “I took care of that.”


Nico's eyebrows raised just as Keegan sat back, driving his cock inside his already prepped body. The howl Nico released may have actually been heard on another floor of the mansion, but Keegan didn't care. The stretch and burn as he lowered himself all the way onto Nico's cock consumed his entire focus. Once Nico was fully inside him, Keegan’s ass resting against his groin, he let out a slow breath and leaned back so that he was pressed against his chest.


As soon as he was within reach, Nico’s mouth latched onto his neck, kissing and licking the sensitive skin there. Keegan moaned and swiveled his hips. Nothing had ever felt as good as having his mate inside him, and he knew nothing ever would.


He felt whole, complete in a way he never had before. Slowly, he pushed up and then dropped back down, feeling Nico jolt and groan behind him.

He also felt powerful.


“You're so amazing,” Nico whispered in his ear, flexing his hips and pushing farther inside Keegan's body.


And loved. He definitely felt loved.


No matter what they did, or tried, or experimented with at the end of the day, he felt safe and cared for in Nico's arms. He knew his mate would never judge him, would never think badly of him, would never stop wanting him.


He rode Nico's cock almost gently, grinding down on each downstroke and only raising himself up a few inches each time. Nico moved with him as much as he could, but mostly he just kept his face pressed into Keegan’s neck, humming and growling.


Being skin-to-skin with his mate while his thick cock filled him was amazing, but before too long, he needed more. Harder and faster.


“Need you. I need you,” Keegan panted, his skin damp with sweat.


“You have me. I'm right here. Take what you need from me, mate.”


Keegan shook his head. It wasn’t enough. He was done playing.


With a wave of his hand, he removed the bindings from Nico's wrists, then reached back and sank his fingers into his soft hair and held him firmly. He shivered as Nico’s haggard breaths ghosted across his skin.


“Need it harder,” he begged. “Take me, Nico.”


Nico was bursting out of his chair before the last word had left Keegan's mouth, his arms wrapped tightly around Keegan to hold them in place. He cried out, Nico’s cock shifting inside him and sending a pulse of pleasure through his body.


Then he made a sad sound as Nico lifted him off his dick. Before he could protest though, his sweat-slick back hit the cool top of Nico's desk, and his mate was on top of him, thrusting back inside his body.


“Fuck yes,” Keegan yelled, throwing his head back.


He pushed at Nico shirt until he grumbled and separated them just enough that he could rip it off, then he was back on top of Keegan, skin-to-skin, moving so fast and hard inside him the desk was screeching across the floor with each thrust.


“Yes, yes, yes,” Keegan chanted, digging his fingers into Nico’s back before running his hands down the smooth plains to grip his ass. He wished he could go deeper. That Nico could live inside Keegan’s skin. When Nico's knot started to tug at his hole every time he pulled out, Keegan shuddered and wrapped his arms and legs around Nico's body. “Give it to me. I need it.”


“Fuck. I can’t believe you have me popping my knot already,” his mate moaned, nipping at the sensitive skin where his mating bite was and then thrusting inside one more time so hard Keegan grunted, and the desk skidded half a foot across the floor.


Nico buried his face in Keegan's throat and groaned as his knot started to swell and his hot, thick come splashed inside him over and over, filling him up. Better than anything else he’d ever felt. Back arching off the desk, he hadn't even realized that he hadn't come himself until Nico wiggled a hand between them and gripped his achingly hard cock.


Suddenly, he became aware of how desperate he was to come. His dick and balls throbbing with the need to release. Nico gave his sac one hard squeeze, and the pleasured pain shot out to Keegan's limbs, making his toes and fingers tingle. He groaned, long and loud, then sucked in a breath when Nico started stroking him hard and fast.


Before Keegan knew it, he was erupting between them, yelling Nico’s name as white-hot pleasure exploded in his veins and out the tip of his cock. He squeezed his eyes shut and dug his nails into Nico’s back, riding the waves of ecstasy.  


When he came back to himself, he was still panting underneath Nico’s big body, his mate’s cock still inside him. They'd be tied together for a while longer, but Keegan didn't mind. He loved feeling so connected to his sweet wolf.


He ran his hands over Nico’s sweaty back, the small indentions from his nails already gone, as Nico nuzzled his throat, humming happily at the gentle touch. They were quiet for a few minutes, simply basking in the afterglow.


Then Nico chuckled, the puff of warm air against Keegan’s cooling skin making him shiver.




“Colt just said ‘thanks for the show.’”


Keegan snorted. “I'm glad he approved.”


Nico huffed, and Keegan assumed Colt made another comment, but his mate didn't share it. If it was important, he’d tell Keegan later when they talked about things—how they both felt about what they’d done, if they wanted to do it again.


“I love you,” Keegan murmured, carding his fingers through the damp hair on the back of Nico's head. Maybe he’d be able to convince his mate to slip down to the shower in the basement to get cleaned up…


Soft lips pressed a kiss against his throat, then his jaw, until they finally landed on his mouth and Nico stole his breath and remaining brain cells. A few long, deep kisses later, Nico said against his swollen lips, “And I love you, my perfect mate.”


Keegan smiled. They really were perfect for each other.

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