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Deleted Scene from The Hunter and His Mates by Kiki Clark

(Best if read after THAHM.)
Drake's frustrated. Jamie decides to help him out. 

Jamie stared at his partially open office door, distracted once more from his to-do list by the lingering scent of annoyance drifting in. All day, he’d been catching the scent of Drake’s frustration with occasional bursts of sour anger.


His cougar was not happy.


And while, yes, it was distracting, it was also concerning to Jamie. He and Drake and Gabriel had been… together or whatever for just over a week, but they’d all been so busy there hadn’t been a lot of time for them to actually be together. Drake and Gabriel had been having their training sessions out at the house, but Jamie didn’t even always make it out there at the end of the day, sometimes too tired to make the long drive or shift and fly.


But there was something he could do that would hopefully help him and Drake.


Pushing to his feet, he tiptoed to the door and peered into the hallway. No one was walking around, but he could hear some others working in their offices. Nico and V for sure, but he thought he also caught Bennett’s scent, so the pack’s second was no doubt wandering around somewhere.


It didn’t matter. His mate needed him, and he’d do whatever he had to in order to help him.


Making his way down the hallway, he paused at Drake’s closed door to listen in case he was on the phone. When nothing but silence came through, he knocked softly before cracking the door and sticking his head in.


“Can I come in?” He smiled when Drake looked up, his harsh frown smoothing out as his face softened just at the sight of him.


“Of course,” he said, voice a little more rumbly than normal.


Shivering, Jamie slipped into the office and closed and locked the door behind him. Drake raised an eyebrow but didn’t comment, his eyes taking on a predatory gleam as Jamie slinked closer. He paused at the edge of Drake’s desk, worried his mate would be territorial of the space behind like Jamie was with his own desk.


Then he realized rules like that didn’t apply to either of his mates. Any space he had belonged to them as well.


When he stepped around Drake’s desk and all his cougar did was smirk at him as he leaned back in his chair and swiveled toward him, Jamie’s whole body heated.


“Little bird…” Drake groaned, eyes fluttering shut as he inhaled deeply. “Gabriel was right about you, wasn’t he? You’re a needy little thing.”


He bit his lip, the words making his stomach flip in the best way, and nodded. “I’ll always need you and Gabriel.”


Soft purring filled the air, and Jamie curled his toes in his shoes as the sound went right to his dick. Stepping closer, he shook his head when Drake planted his hand on his desk like he was going to get up. That wasn’t what he wanted.


All he wanted was to make Drake feel good and hopefully make his frustrating day a little less crappy.


He sank to the floor at Drake’s knees, smiling when he sucked in a harsh breath and spread his legs to give Jamie space to move between them.


“What are you doing?” Drake asked, the scent of ocean spiking and surrounding Jamie like a comforting wave.


“Helping you relax,” he murmured. “You’ve been annoyed all day, and while I can’t make your job any easier, I can do this.” He ran his palms up Drake’s shins, over his knees, and onto his thighs, pausing about halfway to look up through his lashes. “If you’ll let me… Please let me, Drake. I want to make you feel good.”


“Jamie.” Drake sounded hoarse and in pain, but his hand went to his belt buckle.


Grinning, Jamie reached forward and stilled his hand, raising it to his mouth and licking down the length of Drake’s long middle finger. He moaned, remembering how it felt to have Drake’s fingers inside him and nearly lost his focus. Shaking his head, he nipped at the pad, making Drake hiss in warning. “Let me. Let me take care of you.”


Groaning, Drake sank his fingers into Jamie’s hair and tugged his face up, leaning down and slanting their mouths together in a hard kiss. Jamie opened to him right away, allowing Drake to lick inside and possess him. When Drake nipped at his bottom lip, his spine turned to honey, and Jamie nearly collapsed into his lap.


“My sweet little bird,” he murmured against Jamie’s lips, warm breath heating Jamie’s whole body somehow. Then he leaned back, settling more into his chair and spreading his legs wider, looking like a king on a throne. “Take care of me then, Jamie.”


A needy little moan ripped from his chest at the words, his hands tearing at Drake’s belt and then button and zipper. He felt almost frantic with his desire to touch and see and taste Drake. He wanted his mate in his mouth so much his hands were shaking.


Drake didn’t help him or comment on his trembling, only threading his fingers through Jamie’s hair in a soothing way that made his scalp tingle. By the time he had Drake’s pants and underwear out of the way, thick cock hardening in front of his eyes, Jamie was calmer and more focused.


He sent Drake a smile, shivering at the way he was watching him so intently, eyes already glowing softly. Carefully, he tugged at Drake’s jeans and briefs to give himself more room, then leaned in and buried his nose right at the base of Drake’s growing erection, inhaling his addictive scent deep into his lungs. He could stay like that for hours he’d bet, nothing but Drake’s hot, salty skin, thick scent, and soft fingers running through his hair.


But he had even better things to do.


He started on Drake’s testicles, sucking one into his mouth and licking all over the lightly wrinkled surface before moving to the other. Drake groaned, his grip tightening on Jamie’s hair, and he gasped at the sting but didn’t stop. If anything, he loved on them more


Giving one more hard suck, he released his balls, licking up to the base of his dick and pressing a soft kiss to the hot skin. “Feeling relaxed yet?”


Drake choked out a laugh as Jamie gripped his shaft and ran his tongue up the underside, swirling around the head to collect all the precome that had leaked out. “Not yet,” Drake said, raspy and rumbly. “Better keep going.”


With pleasure. He couldn’t actually say it because his mouth was currently full, but he liked to think he communicated it well enough with his eyes and a hard suck on Drake’s wide head. The groan he got in response made his hawk fluff up with pride.


He took his time, alternating between running his tongue over every inch of Drake’s thick length and swallowing as much as he could while he stroked the rest with his fist. Drake’s fingers clenched and released over and over, his hips flexing every time Jamie flicked the tip of his tongue just under the head.


“Jamie…” Drake sucked in a harsh breath as Jamie worked his mouth down as far as he could, breathing in through his nose and then going even lower. “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”


He hummed, hollowing his cheeks as he pulled back up to focus on the head once more. Drake was producing so much precome, the vein running up the underside throbbing, Jamie knew he was getting close.



Concentrating on the sensitive head, he worked his fist faster, twisting on the downstroke. The wet sounds seemed deafening in the quiet room and Drake’s groans were growing in volume as he got closer to release. The chances of someone hearing as they walked by or worked down the hall in a silent office increased every passing second, but Jamie didn’t care. He wanted them to know, wanted everyone to know how well he took care of his mate.


Drake’s thigh tensed under Jamie’s other hand, and his fingers flexed, pulling at the strands of Jamie’s hair in a delicious sting. He didn’t slow his movements, focusing on keeping his rhythm.


He was rewarded a moment later.


Cursing, Drake’s body jerked before he curved over Jamie’s head, spraying ropes of come into his mouth. He kept stroking and sucking until Drake grunted and tugged on his head.


As he sat back, he squirmed, suddenly aware of how aroused he was and wiping at his wet mouth. “Feel better?”


Drake’s chuckle was hoarse and he slumped back, rubbing his hand over his face. “Little bird… you’re fucking amazing.”


Beaming, he climbed to his feet. “Yeah?”


“Oh yeah.” Drake ran his eyes down his body, lingering on the front of his pants and inhaling. “You need something from me too?”


He bit his lip and nodded, unable to think about anything else now that he’d taken care of Drake.


Drake tucked his softening dick back into his underwear but left his pants undone. “Come here,” he said, patting his thigh.


Grinning, Jamie didn’t hesitate to climb up onto Drake’s lap, straddling him in the big computer chair. Drake pulled him in for a quick kiss, licking into his mouth and groaning.


“Undo your pants,” he growled against Jamie’s mouth.


He hurried to comply, raising up so he could shove his khakis and briefs down. His cheeks heated at the feeling of the cool air of Drake’s office on his bottom, but he whimpered and forgot about his embarrassment when Drake pulled up his T-shirt and exposed his abdomen.


Leaning into Drake’s strong chest, he buried his face in his neck and licked at the thin skin there. “Can I…”


He didn’t know how to ask for what he wanted, but Drake knew, palming Jamie’s bare bottom and urging him to move against him. “Make yourself feel as good as you made me feel.”


That was all he needed.


The dark treasure trail beneath Drake’s belly button was almost too rough on his wet, sensitive head, but after a few thrusts, the coarse hairs were damp enough that the feeling became teasing and tantalizing rather than painful. He gripped at the strong muscles of Drake’s back, moving faster.


“So gorgeous,” Drake murmured, squeezing his cheek.


Jamie whimpered, heat already moving down his spine as his movements turned jerky. He chased his release, choking on a sob when Drake shifted his hand and dug his fingers into his crease. When a thick finger nudged at his hole, Jamie cried out and arched back as he shot all over Drake’s abs.


Then collapsed back against him.


He hummed as Drake trailed his fingers up his back, under his shirt. “My pretty little bird.”


“Mm. Yours and Gabriel’s,” he murmured, then frowned when Drake tensed for a moment before relaxing once more. “What’s wrong?”


He tried to subtly scent Drake’s throat. Why did he smell guilty?


“Do you think he’ll be upset we did this?”


Drake cleared his throat. “Won’t he? We weren’t thinking of him…”


Jamie huffed a laugh, settling more firmly against Drake and wondering if he could get away with taking a quick nap before going back to work. “You and he will spend time just you two, he and I already have… It doesn’t always have to be all three of us.”


Drake made a soft, thoughtful noise, hand still stroking Jamie’s back. “I suppose you’re right. My beautiful and brilliant little bird.”


“Darn straight.”

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