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Bonus Scene for Joyful by Kiki Clark

(Best if read after Joyful.)
You can also download a copy to your device from Bookfunnel.

Emmett sighed and tossed around on his big, empty bed for the hundredth time, ending up mostly on his stomach and his face buried in his giant dragon stuffie, Mr. Cuddles. It was way past his bedtime, but he couldn’t go to sleep. But it wasn’t his fault.

Living with his daddy was the absolute bestest thing ever.



Except when he was gone for twenty-four hours for a shift.


That was the worst. Worse than stubbing his toe, running out of apple juice, and misplacing Snowball all rolled into one.


Luckily, between work and Roni and his new best friends, Ollie and CJ, he usually kept pretty busy the entire day, was able to talk to Rooster before going to sleep, and then when he got home from work the second day, his daddy was there, waiting for him.


But not this time.


No, instead, he’d gotten a text around noon letting him know his daddy was picking up a few extra hours of overtime because they were shorthanded at the station. Which made his daddy a good person and Emmett a lonely one.


Two nights in a row falling asleep without Rooster’s big, strong arms around him?




And since he’d been expecting to spend the evening cuddling his daddy on the couch before going to sleep—after properly showing his daddy how much he missed him and his perfect cock—he hadn’t had any plans lined up to keep him busy. He’d almost texted Ollie, but then he’d remembered that he’d told him that he was going to Six’s mom’s house for her birthday… or maybe her girlfriend’s birthday? Something like that.


And Roni and CJ had both been working at Rebel Yell. He knew that if he’d reached out to either of them they would have invited him to come hang out there, but he didn’t want to be around so many people and noise.


He just wanted his daddy.


So he’d moped around after getting home from work, fluctuating between big and little for hours. When he was sad or upset, it was easier to be little to process the feelings, but without his daddy there to make him feel better… it just wasn’t the same.


He’d told himself that at least Rooster would be there when he woke up, but the hours were dragging by as he struggled to fall asleep. Finally, he forced himself to get up and stomp over to the laundry hamper. It only took him a few minutes to dig out one of Rooster’s shirts and crawl back into bed, pressing his face into the fabric and breathing in his daddy’s scent with big, gulping breaths.


The familiar smell of Rooster’s deodorant, cologne, and just a hint of sweat was enough to soothe him, his muscles finally relaxing and letting him drift off to sleep…



A familiar hand squeezed his hip as lips tickled at the skin behind his ear, and Emmett hummed in appreciation but didn’t open his eyes. He was still exhausted and there wasn’t any light coming through his lids, so he knew it wasn’t morning yet, and that meant he didn’t have to get up.


“Daddy,” he murmured, thinking hard about drifting back to sleep when Rooster’s big hand slid off his hip to wedge beneath him. Right over his stirring dick.


“Missed you, baby boy,” his daddy said, groaning softly when Emmett wiggled and pressed back against his already rock-hard erection. “Want me to stop so you can sleep?”


“No,” he said on a sigh. “Missed you too, Daddy.”


“Thank fuck.”


Rooster made quick work of stripping off his pajama bottoms, then cursed when he went to grab the lube, both of them having forgotten to replace the empty bottle with a new one from the bathroom cabinet. Emmett giggled tiredly as Rooster sprang up from the bed and pulled his giant dragon stuffie closer, throwing one leg over him. Mr. Cuddles was so big, he made the perfect body pillow, allowing Emmett to cuddle him while his daddy spooned him at night.


Emmett felt a little naughty when his dick rubbed against the soft, plush fur, teasing him and getting him even harder. But it didn’t stop him from giving a few lazy thrusts and clutching Mr. Cuddles tighter to his chest.


The bed dipped behind him a moment later. “Is my little boy being naughty and using his stuffie to feel good?”


He pressed an embarrassed smile into the dragon, pretending like his cheeks weren’t burning at getting caught. Rooster chuckled softly as he palmed one of Emmett’s buttcheeks, big chest heating his back through his pajama top.


Shivering at the contrast of the coolness of the bedroom’s air on his legs and the warmth of his daddy and shirt covering his top half, Emmett relaxed more fully against Mr. Cuddles and spread his thighs. Sleep was still tugging at the edges of his mind, and he hummed and sighed when Rooster parted his cheeks, running a thumb down his crease and over his hole.


“Pretty baby,” his daddy said, nuzzling into the hair on the back of his head. When his wet thumb probed at Emmett’s opening, they both moaned, Rooster’s sounding almost ragged. “Fuck. I’ve missed this. Longest damn shift.”


“Too long.” Emmett tried not to sound petulant, but he didn’t think he was very successful.


Oh well.


“My poor, sweet little boy,” Rooster said, circling his thumb just inside Emmett and making him squirm. “Were you lonely today without me?”

“Yes, Daddy.” He clutched at Mr. Cuddles, fingers digging into his plush body, when the thumb was removed, leaving him horribly unfilled.


Then another finger was there, a longer and thicker one, pushing inside him slowly but without hesitation. Pleasure began to build, his nerve-endings sparking to life, as his daddy carefully pumped his finger in and out. He felt like he was floating on a river of molasses, so relaxed and aroused all at the same time.


When his daddy gently petted his gland, he shuddered and moaned. “So good, Daddy.”


Rooster peppered kisses down his neck and eased another finger inside, murmuring what a good boy he was when Emmett keened softly and wiggled against Mr. Cuddles’s soft body.


“Are you getting Mr. Cuddles wet?” he rasped in Emmett’s ear, making him shiver again.


“I can’t help it,” he whimpered, squirming once more just to feel the soft fur rub against the tip of his erection. “It feels so good.”


His daddy hummed and nibbled lightly on his jaw and side of his neck. “That’s good, baby boy. I want you to feel good.”


Happiness spread through him at the simple words. His daddy was the sweetest and most caring man. Emmett felt so lucky every time he thought about the many ways Rooster took care of him. Loved him.


Made him burn with desire.


Even now, still lingering along the edges of the quicksand of sleep, Rooster was driving his eagerness and want higher and higher. When he twisted his fingers before tugging them free, Emmett sighed and arched his low back just a little, so eager to be full of his daddy’s cock he could hardly stand it.


Rooster rubbed at one of his hips. “Just relax, sweet boy. Let me do everything.”


He shivered, doing as he was told. The idea of just… laying still and letting his daddy do everything setting off a delicious ache inside him. There was something so sexy about it. Like he was nothing more than his daddy’s plaything.


Rooster shuffled a little behind him before gripping the back of one of his thighs and guiding it up farther so he was basically straddling his dragon’s soft body. The movement forcing his cock to rub the fur and send tingles cascading down his spine.


He was distracted by the feeling for a second, his eyes popping open and a gasp escaping him when his daddy’s plum-shaped head pushed against his entrance until it popped inside. All the air in his lungs rushed out on a moan and he gripped at Mr. Cuddles.


“Okay, baby boy?” his daddy asked, stilling just inside him.


“Yes, daddy.” He took a deep breath and forcibly relaxed back against his stuffie, letting his eyes fall shut once more. “I’m ready.”


Rooster chuckled, the sound a little hoarse, then he surged forward, sinking all the way in until he was pressed all down Emmett’s back. They both groaned, the sound loud in the otherwise silent room. As his daddy started flexing his hips, retreating and driving forward at a maddeningly slow pace, Emmett twitched and moaned and gasped, but he also stayed relaxed and pliant.


Letting his daddy do whatever he pleased.


After a while, it was almost soothing, the steady, rhythmic rocking. He might have even been able to fall back asleep, except every once in a while the head of Rooster’s cock would graze against his prostate and make him moan, a jolt of pleasure shooting through him.


It happened slowly, the ratcheting up of his desire, but it wasn’t long before he was burying his face in Mr. Cuddles’s neck and whimpering, his hips moving to meet his daddy’s thrusts without real thought. Groaning, Rooster pushed up a little, separating their upper bodies, and increased his speed. The slap of their skin was interspersed with his daddy’s grunts and his own whimpering moans.


The force of Rooster’s plunging hips drove Emmett’s dick into Mr. Cuddles fast and hard, the soft fur stroking him right to the edge. He cried out when his daddy grabbed one of his thighs and squeezed.


“So soft,” Rooster moaned. “God damn, baby boy. How are you so perfect in every way?”


Breath catching in his throat, he peeled one of his hands out of Mr. Cuddles’s fur and reached back, grabbing at his daddy’s strong arm. “Daddy… ’M so close…”


“Fuck,” he snarled, dropping back down onto Emmett’s back and snapping his hips forward. Movements jerky, he wrapped around Emmett as best he could, face pressing into his neck.


His daddy’s weight pressed him harder against his stuffie and it was only a few more thrusts before he stiffened and cried out, his whole body lighting up as he spilled onto the soft fur beneath him. Rooster grunted behind him, biting out a curse, and then wet heat began to fill him.


Still high on his orgasm, Emmett giggled softly, burrowing against Mr. Cuddles’s neck. “Mr. Cuddles needs a bath now, Daddy.”


Rooster snorted, settling in against him. “Okay, baby boy. In the morning.”


“Okay.” He was already beginning to drift back to sleep, but he stirred when he felt the warm body on top of him start to move. “Wait. Not yet.”


His daddy’s cock was starting to soften, but he wasn’t ready for them to be apart, not after his horrible day being alone.


Rooster pressed a kiss to his neck and nodded. “Okay, sweet boy. Not yet.”


Emmett sighed, relaxing again. “Welcome home, Daddy.”


“Nowhere I’d rather be.”

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