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Bonus Scene from Reckless by Kiki Clark

(Best if read after Reckless)
CJ decides he needs a special tattoo too...

“Ow, shit!”


“Language, CJ,” Knuckles said behind him, the laughter in his voice clear even above the buzz of the tattoo machine. “You knew this was going to hurt…”


“Okay, yes. But it hurts more than I thought,” CJ whined, doing his best not to squirm as he tried to breathe through the pain.


Knuckles didn’t respond for a second, and the pain flared again. But then it was over, the machine shutting off. “There, done. Ya big baby.”


“Your bedside manner is fantastic,” CJ snapped, then bit back a whimper when Knuckles swiped at his freshly inked skin. “Ouch! You did that on purpose!”


Huffing, Knuckles kept wiping. “Why didn’t you have Viper do this? You know she’s going to be offended you asked me. Plus, she would have treated you with kid gloves.”


“I like your script better,” CJ muttered. A few minutes later, he was able to stand and look at his new tattoo over his shoulder in the mirror behind him. “Knuckles…”


“Looks tight, yeah?”


He had to resist touching the words inked into his skin. “It’s amazing. Thank you.”


“You’re welcome, man.” CJ heard him start to clean things up, but couldn’t look away from the mirror just yet. “You and Tank coming to the bar later?”


“Probably not tonight,” he said absently. “I thought you had a date?”


Knuckles sighed and brought CJ back over to him so he could put on the ointment and bandage. “She cancelled right before you got here.”


“Did she say why?” CJ frowned as he straightened his clothes.


Shrugging, Knuckles turned away. “Not really.”


Resisting the urge to push was hard, but CJ managed. Knuckles didn’t like talking about himself or his myriad of girlfriends, and CJ tried to respect that. “Well, I’m sorry. I know you liked her.”


“It is what it is.”


“Right, yeah.” CJ held in a sigh as he gingerly moved out of the private tattoo stall. “I’ll see if Tank wants to pop in when he gets home from work.”


Knuckles laughed. “What am I thinking? You guys won’t leave your room for a week once he gets a look at that.”


Even though he felt his cheeks heat, he pretended like he wasn’t embarrassed, grinning back at him as he passed the front counter. “Don’t be jealous.”


Grunting, Knuckles rolled his eyes. “Try not to get come on your new tattoo for a few days at least, ‘kay?”


The three girls waiting on the couch against the wall started giggling and blushing, but he knew his face was redder as he whirled around. “Knuckles!”


Hands braced on the counter between them, he grinned unrepentantly. “Tell me I’m wrong.”


Which, of course, set the girls off all over again.


“Okay, I’m leaving,” CJ said, turning back toward the door. “Behave yourself.”


The only answer he got was Knuckles’s loud laughter following him out of the shop. He shook his head and headed for home, beyond eager for his man to return from work.




“Fucking morons,” Tank spat as he pushed open the door to his and CJ’s bedroom. Most days, he loved his job but not when he had to deal with dumbasses acting like children on the worksite. Needless injuries were an inevitability, and then they got behind schedule.


He hated being behind schedule.


He was so worked up, it took him a few moments to process what he was seeing as he swung the door shut behind him.


His beautiful boy was standing next to their bed, folding clean clothes, wearing nothing but his lime green thong. All Tank could do was stare at CJ’s strong profile and the roundness of his ass for several long moments.


“Goddamn, baby. Is it my birthday?”


CJ smiled at him, his sweet face lighting up with pleasure. He finished with Tank’s T-shirts, winked at him, then turned to put the clothes in the dresser.


A bolt of lightning shot down his spine straight into his nuts.


“CJ Adams… what did you do?” he whispered, stumbling forward a few steps but stopping a couple feet away.


Looking over his shoulder at Tank, CJ popped out his hip and grinned. “Don’t you like it, Daddy?”


Groaning, Tank closed the distance between them and dropped to his knees behind CJ so his face was closer to his boy’s ass… and brand-new tattoo. In loving detail, his Low Rider sat in the middle of CJ’s right ass cheek. But as gorgeous as she looked on CJ’s pale skin, the image wasn’t what had his heart racing.


Property of arched above his motorcycle in stylish but legible black script, and Daddy sat underneath in slightly thicker letters.


His pulse was pounding in his ears, and his dick was rock hard. “Baby, I…” There were no words for how much he adored this man. Then he realized something, his head jerking up and his eyes narrowing. “Who the fuck touched your ass?”


CJ’s laughter was high and carefree as he turned around and shoved at Tank’s shoulders. “Seriously? That’s what you have to say?”


Now he was conflicted. He really did love the tattoo and the fact that CJ was permanently marked as his, but the idea of someone handling CJ’s ass as they tattooed him triggered his possessiveness. “Was it Viper?”


“No,” CJ said, sticking his bottom lip out in a cute pout. “Knuckles does amazing script, so I asked him.”


Tank grunted. “It does look nice, but you know how I feel about people touching what’s mine.”


“He’s straight.” CJ laughed, leaning down and brushing his lips over Tank’s mouth. When he stretched up, intent on deepening the kiss, CJ pulled back and bit his lip. “Are you mad, Daddy?”


CJ knew exactly what he was doing with that sweet, innocent face and tone. Pushing to his feet, Tank towered over his boy and cupped his jaw. “Of course not. I love it and you. All I want to do is touch it, but I don’t want to hurt you or get germs on it.”


Smiling, CJ gripped the edges of Tank’s cut and pressed up onto the balls of his feet. “If we’re careful, we can still… reaffirm your ownership.”


Tank snorted and pressed a quick, hard kiss to CJ’s lips. “Lose the thong and get on the bed—hands and knees. I’m going to wash up.”


With an eager nod, CJ twirled out of his grasp, quickly moving the rest of the clothes off the bed. Tank ducked into the bathroom and cleaned the day off his hands, arms, face, and neck, tossing his work shirt in their hamper.


Just as he was about to step back into their room, the other door opened and Six paused. “Shit, sorry. I didn’t realize you were in here.”


“No worries,” Tank said, grinning. Six had seen him balls deep in his boy—they didn’t really have a lot of boundaries left. “Did CJ tell you about his plans to get tattooed?”


The tiniest smile appeared on Six’s face. “He may have mentioned it. He was pretty excited.”


“It’s… Fuck, I can’t even explain it.” He shook his head, glancing at the door like he could see CJ waiting for him on their bed. “It’s probably unhealthy how much I like it. That permanent mark of ownership.”


Six grunted as he stepped over to the toilet. “He’s into it too, so it’s not unhealthy.”


“Been reading up on safe, sane, and consensual, Six?” he asked, laughing when Six just threw him a middle finger and unzipped his pants.


Slipping back into their room, he closed the door firmly behind him, not wanting to share this first time with Six—other than what he might hear through the walls. He wanted to savor the possessiveness he was feeling and bask in CJ’s submission without an audience.


And submission was what he was giving.


Tank ran his eyes over his boy’s gorgeous pale body. He loved the way CJ’s shoulders were lowered onto the mattress, arms stretched out above his head and crossed at the wrists. The dip in CJ’s lower back was so sexy, his round ass raised up high in the air.


As Tank circled around to the foot of the bed, he dragged his teeth over his lower lip and swore under his breath. “How’d I get so goddamn lucky, baby?”


“I’m the lucky one,” CJ murmured, turning his face so his voice wasn’t muffled into the sheets, but his eyes stayed shut, his face peaceful. “You rescued me from a life of misery and give me so much every day.”


Tank dropped his pants and underwear to the ground and climbed up onto the end of the bed. “I’d give you the whole damn world if I could,” he whispered, easing forward and laying a few kisses around CJ’s freshly inked skin.


“You do, Daddy. You’ve given me everything I could ever want and more,” CJ said, squirming at the soft kisses and spreading his knees as wide as he could.


Tank groaned and dove between CJ’s spread cheeks, overwhelmed with how much he loved and craved his boy. CJ cried out as Tank licked his hole over and over, moaning at the taste of him. He dug his fingers into the soft skin just under his ass and held on, riding the undulation of CJ’s hips as he whimpered and danced on Tank’s tongue.


It wasn’t long before CJ was reaching for the lube and shoving it back at Tank, begging Tank to take him and fill him and own him.


“So needy,” Tank grunted, accepting the bottle and slicking up his cock. Wiping his fingers on the bed, he gently traced just underneath CJ’s tattoo. “Who do you belong to, baby?”


“You, Daddy,” CJ said without hesitation. “Forever.”


“Forever,” Tank agreed, gripping CJ’s other cheek and spreading him open. He pressed the head of his cock against his boy’s softened hole, rubbing the end of his barbell up and down. They’d tried a full ring, but CJ loved the large balls on the end of the curved barbells best and how they rubbed against the walls of his channel and nudged against his prostate.


He pushed past the ring of muscles, gritting his teeth at how tight CJ was around him. Palming just beneath the tattoo, he sank in slowly, his gaze darting between the sight of his cock disappearing inside CJ and the ink.


“Daddy,” CJ moaned, wiggling his hips and gripping at the sheets. “I love how big you feel like this and how deep you can go.”


“You like getting stretched out on my cock instead of my fingers sometimes, don’t you? Burns so good.” He gave a little shove the rest of the way in, groaning when CJ’s whole body jerked and shivered. Panting, he held still, pressed as tightly as he could get against CJ’s ass.


The edge of CJ’s tattoo was touching Tank’s groin, and he couldn’t resist grinding in a little harder. CJ hissed and he froze.


“Too much?” he asked, shifting his hold to CJ’s hips, prepared to pull out and change positions.


“Burns,” he hissed. “But it’s so good. Don’t stop.”


Grunting, he thrust slowly a few times, making sure CJ was ready, then let loose. The sound of his boy’s harsh breaths and raspy moans rivaled the ringing slap of his hips. He was mesmerized by how his boy’s cheeks jiggled, making Tank’s name wiggle up and down.


“Oh god, harder,” CJ moaned, pushing back and meeting each thrust. He slapped one of his hands onto the bed, then scrambled up onto his fists, driving back against Tank so hard they both cried out.


Tank braced his knees and raised his right arm out of the way, gripping the back of his neck and watching CJ work himself faster on Tank’s dick. “That’s it, baby.”


“Daddy,” he panted, turning to look over his shoulder. He moaned as his eyes traced Tank’s chest and shoulders. “You like how it looks?”


Tank grinned. “Oh yeah. I kind of want you to walk around naked so everyone can see.”


CJ laughed, then moaned when Tank thrust into him in retaliation. “You want everyone to see me naked?”


“God no,” he growled, grabbing at CJ’s waist once more and driving in harder and faster. “I don’t trust some of those guys not to try and touch you. You’re mine.”


“Yours,” CJ moaned. “Yours, yours, yours.”


“Mine,” he moaned, leaning over CJ’s back. He grabbed his chin to crane his face around and kiss his panting mouth. It was messy and hot and had Tank right on the edge of coming when CJ tightened around him.


“Gonna come,” CJ murmured against Tank’s mouth. “Your piercing is… God, it’s hitting me just right.”


Grinning, he found CJ’s leaking cock and stroked his hot shaft as fast as he was fucking into his ass. That was all it took and CJ was coming, yelling out his pleasure loud enough for anyone on the second floor to hear.


The rippling heat around his cock set Tank off a few moments later. “Fuck!”


CJ was twitching and heaving beneath him, head hanging between his shoulders. “I can’t feel my toes.”


Chuckling tiredly, Tank carefully pulled out. “We should take a quick shower. You need to keep your ink clean.”


“In a minute,” CJ said, collapsing onto the bed.


He lowered himself next to his boy and smiled. “Okay, in a minute.”


Snuggling closer, CJ nosed at his shoulder and chest until he found a comfortable position. “I love you, Daddy. And I love being your property.”


Tank lifted his boy’s left hand, pressing a soft kiss to his gold ring. “I love you too, baby.”


“Of course you do,” CJ said sleepily. “I tattooed your name on my ass.”


“Exactly,” Tank said with a light chuckle. “How could I ever resist?”

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