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The Mobster's Mate

A human mob boss and an injured jaguar shifter brought together by a cruel enemy… and fate.

Caden hasn’t believed in fated mates since he was a cub. He figures it’s more of a fairytale that shifter parents tell their kids than the reality of what passes for mates in some of the packs he’s seen.

But then he comes face-to-face with a human man who smells like orange blossoms and radiates authority and safety.

And Caden… Well, he hasn’t felt safe in a long time.

While the rest of the world fears and reviles Quinten Amato and the things he does under the guise of his business, Caden is drawn to him like a cub to an alpha. He doesn’t care what anyone says or what Quinten does, he and his jaguar know the kind of man he is.

The kind who saved his life.
The kind who comforts him when he wakes up terrified.
The kind whose calm commands set his blood on fire.

Convincing his bossy human they’re meant to be together isn’t going to be easy. Especially not when Quinten’s certain Caden needs things he can’t get from him—and that being a part of Quinten’s life in the shadows is too dangerous.

And he might be right.

The Mobster’s Mate is a full-length novel featuring a human with questionable morals and a jaguar shifter who only sees the best in him. You’ll find an age gap, found family vibes, fated mates, and gobs of possessiveness.

This title is a standalone novel set within the Kincaid Pack universe. It can be read and enjoyed on its own. However, if you’d like to understand the nuances of the world, then start your journey with The Alpha and His King (Kincaid Pack Book 1).

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